Salso Guacamole

Salsa del Rio….our blessed green chile, tomatillo salsa.  The inspiration for this salsa literally came from a market in Juarez, Mexico.  There is this old taco stand (how that line has got me into so much trouble!) and the taco-man literally in a stone molcajete grinds up: roasted green chile, garlic, salt, cooked tomatillos and some green raw jalapeno….amazing in its simplicity and flavor.  Then, a huge squeeze of lime..and OH MY GOD!….put this cold salsa on a hot street taco (red pork)…..a cold beer…..what more is there?


Salsa+Avocado=Salsa Guacamole…….this is the best old standby recipe and basically works with any great salsa and fresh avocado. Very corsly mash up RIPE avocados, squeeze in some lime juice, stir in SALSA del Rio, fresh chopped tomato, chill and serve. Really there is no wrong way to do this….keep it chunky!

Here is my secret!..this is taken at the old market in Juarez....can you imagine the flavor held in the old stone molcajete?!...this street salsa is the perfect mash of: green chiles, tomatillos, salt, garlic, cilantro, onion! que rico!

Todd Piper-Hauswirth