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Desert Pepper Trading Company was born and raised on the border of Texas, Mexico, and New Mexico. This amazing crux of bright flavors, sunlight, and the desert Southwest inspires us in every way.

Our flavors come from a sun swept fusion of the Southwest, the open air markets of Mexico, and our own kitchens. We look backwards into the culinary traditions of the border regions and forward to global new flavors and ideas. This is a multi-generational family run business… that’s right, real people running a real company. Over 25 years now (where did that time go?) and more than a few margaritas later… we are still at it. Desert Pepper continues to thrill, delight and scare the hell out of us!

Sincere, authentic, and original… that's what we are all about.




While we agree our salsas are special, we don’t think they should be reserved only for special occasions. Our newest line of Cantina salsas are meant to reclaim their rightful place on the table at every meal. They’ll add a pefect kick to top any dish or use them as you cook to provide an extra depth of flavor.

Cantina Mild Red

Cantina Mild Red Salsa isn’t a condiment… it’s a necessity! It has just enough heat to excite the senses & all of the authentic flavor you crave. Mild & zesty, this is what tortilla chips were made for.

To reclaim its rightful place on the table as a compliment to every meal, Cantina hits the right balance of savory richness and
luscious heat.
— W. Park Kerr
CantinaRedMed Final 01 047-Edit.jpg

Cantina Medium Red

Cantina Medium Red Salsa is the perfect amigo for snacking or authentic cooking. It's like a shimmering hot sunset, with just the right amount of heat to light up your taste buds.

CantinaGreenMed Final 01 047-Edit.jpg

Cantina Medium Green

Cantina Medium Green Salsa is a seductive lure for the palate. With fresh jalapeño and complex layers of spices and heat, this blend was made to satisfy your passion for true Mexican flavor.

CantinaRedHot Final 01 047-Edit.jpg

Cantina Hot Red

Cantina Hot Red Salsa has a fire that is undeniable, and yet so hard to resist. Salsa that is perfectly balanced, accentuating foods in all the right ways. This is salsa in its purest form.

CantinaGreenHot Final 01 047-Edit.jpg

Cantina Hot Green

Cantina Hot Green Salsa makes no excuses. It’s ready for anything and completely irresistible. So, by all means, grab a cold cerveza and give in to its heated passion.




These salsas, bean dips, and queso have been recognized & Have received some of the highest awards in the industry – one taste and we think you’ll agree.

DP Salsa Divino 2019-1.jpg

Salsa Divino - Mild

Out of the quiet desert night, where the wind blows cool and you can see directly into the heavens, comes a salsa that will inspire your eternal devotion. Pure of taste and soothing in nature, Desert Pepper - Salsa Divino is mild, but not without soul. So if what you desire is a salsa unlike any other, this is the answer to your prayers.

DP Corn Black Bean Red Pepper Salsa 2019-1.jpg

Corn Black Bean Red Pepper Salsa - Medium

A trio of elements brought together by destiny and sealed by fate, Corn Black Bean and Red Pepper Salsa is lush, fertile and infused with flavor… a refreshing and sensuous tangle of taste and texture. Dive in andenter the garden of earthly delights. Winner of the 2012 Foodie Awards -
Clean Eating Magazine.

DP Pineapple Salsa 2019-1.jpg

Pineapple Salsa
- Medium Hot

Juicy pineapple jams with medium-hot habanero peppers, jalapeños, and green chiles for a Tex-Mex taste with tropical rhythm-tuned up with cilantro and a hint of lime. Shake your maracas and eat to the beat. You’ll soon be singing its praises.

DP_White Bean Dip Med.jpg

White Bean Dip
- Medium Hot

The innocent bean twines its tendrils around the earthy passion of pesto and White Bean Dip is born.  Rustic yet refined.  Born of rolling sage-colored hills, roasted garlic & aged Parmesan cheese - a taste that welcomes you home.

Tequila Salsa 2019-1.jpg

Tequilla Salsa

Salsa & Tequila have been smacking our lips forever… now in a prickly concoction of red tomato, fiery chiles, and bright silver Tequila a new order has been brought to dipping. So, raise your chips and toast to the limits of your taste buds.

DP Salsa Del Rio 2019-1.jpg

Salsa Del Rio - Medium

Not unlike the time of day when the sun and the moon share the sky, Salsa Del Rio is perched precariously between relentless heat and refreshing cool. An intriguing, enigmatic balance that flows together as gracefully as its name.  Allowing even the mildest of heart to flirt with fire, without the threat of getting burned.

DP XXX Habanero Salsa 2019-1.jpg

XXX Habanero Salsa
- Extra Hot

Sell your soul and your taste-buds for a red-hot descent into the fiery pit of flavor. It’s an unholy alliance of tropical habaneros and molten jalapeños that is hotter than Hades, and viciously delicious.  Feel the burn.  Because you know you’re a glutton for punishment - this salsa will leave you begging for more.

DP Roasted Tomato Chipotle Corn Salsa 2019-1.jpg

Roasted Tomato Chipotle Corn Salsa - Medium Hot

This salsa’s slow fire-roasted tomatoes glow with the mellow warmth of summer and with the smoky heat of Mexican chipotle chiles.  Sweet yellow corn balances the tongue-tingling tastes, filling every jar with the savory soul of the Southwest. 

DP Pinto Bean Dip 2019-1.jpg

Pinto Bean Dip
- Medium Hot

Surrender to the smooth, sultry rhythm that sways the soul. A heady harmony of pinto beans, tomatoes, sweet green peppers, chipotles, and jalapeños. The perfect combination for authentic Southwestern dishes and a healthy go to craving.

Two Olive Salsa 2019 S.jpg

2 Olive Roasted Garlic Salsa

Two Olive Salsa is a lusty union of voluptuous olives entwined with chiles, roasted garlic, and spices. It satisfies even the most hedonistic of appetites. So let the feast begin and revel in the earthy pleasure…

DP Salsa Diablo 2019-1.jpg

Salsa Diablo - Hot

Born of the scorching sun and the smouldering sand, Salsa Diablo leads you into temptation with a wickedly sensual flavor and feverish, pulse-quickening effects. Dare to experience its heat, and you’ll soon find yourself under its spell.  No doubt, some would say it’s as hot as sin.  But try it once and all is forgiven.

DP Peach Mango Salsa 2019-1.jpg

Peach Mango Salsa -
Medium Hot

Escape to the sun-dappled tropics and feast your eyes on a pairing of mangoes and peaches, peppers, and spices... bursting with juicy flavor and ripe for the dipping. Tuck a jar in your basket and sample the fruits of your desire. Peach Mango Salsa pairs well with chicken or pork for a tropical inspired dish.

DP Chile Con Queso 2019-1.jpg

Chile Con Queso
- Medium

From beyond the horizon comes Chile Con Queso. A feat for the senses as red and green chiles entwine with golden cheddar, the celebration never ends. A rich warm glow - there’s nothing like it under the sun - from the jar or warmed over fresh tortillas.

DP Spicy Black Bean Dip 2019-1.jpg

Black Bean Dip
- Spicy Hot

With a color and flavor as smoky as a desert sunset, spicy Black Bean Dip has a heat that comes from deep within, rising in gentle waves before the cool of dusk comes down like a curtain. Throw caution to the wind and dip in.

Corn Black Bean Red Pepper Salsa? It’s hard to believe this savory salsa is clean, but we promise it’s true!
— Clean Eating Magazine

At the end of the night Desert Pepper was the only empty bowl on the table.
— Slate Magazine - National Salsa Contest



Hatch valley

Growers of
the WORLD’s finest quality peppers

Peppers - Grown The Way Nature Intended

Peppers - Grown The Way Nature Intended


To create the best products, you have to start with the best ingredients. Hatch Valley is ideally suited to grow the best peppers in the world. Basking in the sun, these peppers provide a depth of flavor that our competitors green house grown peppers can’t match. Desert Pepper is committed to sustainably sourcing only those ingredients that are grown in the ideal regions. This ensures our products are not only great tasting, but are also focused on the greater good of our world.

Locally Owned

Locally Owned

Sustainably Grown

Sustainably Grown

Committed to Quality

Committed to Quality