In Texas, we call this dip mess “train wreck” for the obvious reason.  This dip comes together super fast, all the ingredients are available “store bought”.  This is kind of like nachos without the base of chips….7 layer dip is a total staple (and party emergency food) in my casa….It dresses up really well with more ingredients and is welcome in the scruffy version too boot. Serve cold right from the icebox!


Ingredients and secret technique:

All righty…we are gonna start with the first layer (or bottom layer) and work our way up to heaven!  In a glass pie plate (that’s right you heard me) build this! Artistic license granted to you!

1. a huge thick layer of Pinto Bean Dip (2 bottles)…Black Bean Dip also good here…

2. Taco Meat or grilled chicken (lots) store bought meats are cool and easy

3. Guacamole…I like salsa guacamole (see recipe)

4. diced fresh super red tomatoes

5. sliced drained mission black olives, from the can

6. sour cream

7. cheddar cheese or jalapeno jack (more fun)

Stack ‘er up, don’t be chinchey on any ingredient, serve with warmed tortilla chips, cervesa and amigos!

Todd Piper-Hauswirth