While we agree our salsas are special, we don’t think they should be reserved for only for special occasions. Our newest line of Cantina salsas are meant to reclaim their rightful place on the table at every meal. They’ll add a pefect kick to top any dish or use them as you cook to provide an extra depth of flavor.

Cantina Mild Red

Cantina Mild Red Salsa isn’t a condiment… it’s a necessity! It has just enough heat to excite the senses & all of the authentic flavor you crave. Mild & zesty, this is what tortilla chips were made for.

To reclaim its rightful place on the table as a compliment to every meal, Cantina hits the right balance of savory richness and
luscious heat.
— W. Park Kerr
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Cantina Medium Red

Cantina Medium Red Salsa is the perfect amigo for snacking or authentic cooking. It's like a shimmering hot sunset, with just the right amount of heat to light up your taste buds.

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Cantina Medium Green

Cantina Medium Green Salsa is a seductive lure for the palate. With fresh jalapeño and complex layers of spices and heat, this blend was made to satisfy your passion for true Mexican flavor.

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Cantina Hot Red

Cantina Hot Red Salsa has a fire that is undeniable, and yet so hard to resist. Salsa roya that's perfectly balanced, accentuating foods in all the right ways. This is salsa in its purest form.

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Cantina Hot Green

Cantina Hot Green Salsa makes no excuses. It’s ready for anything and completely irresistible. So, by all means, grab a cold cerveza and give in to its heated passion.